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Outfit Your Groomsmen in Zoraab

It’s that time of year! Wedding bells are ringing and last minute plans are coming into place. Why not add an extra touch to your wedding celebration with fun socks for your groomsmen? Zoraab has socks in every color, tons of patterns, and styles to suit every guy in your wedding party.

Coming soon…

We’ll show you specific styles according to your wedding colors and themes!

Sunday Street Style

Start your week off with some street style inspiration. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite recent snapshots to get your fashion gears spinning. Spring is the season to try new color combinations, slimmer silhouettes, and lighter fabrics. We challenge you to incorporate one of these styles into your dressing this week. 

Embracing Paisley

Do you think paisley is too feminine for your style? Well perhaps if we show you how masculine and sophisticated paisley can be, you’ll reconsider!

Granted, this busy print can be loud and colorful, but it can also be subtle and toned down. It all depends on the colors you choose, size of the pattern, and what you pair it with. Here are three tips to help you incorporate paisley into your style choices.

1. Pick a small print of paisley. This will go with more of your clothes and can be easily mixed and matched with other patterns.

2. Unless you’re ready for bold, go with subtle colors. Navy, oxblood, hunter green, brown, grey, and black are some subdued colors that are great with paisley.

3. Mix a small accent of paisley with another pattern or two. You’ll be surprised by how well it goes with polka-dots, stripes, and tweed. Just remember to vary the sizes of your prints.

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